Barber Hair Cut Sharp Razor with sharp edge Blades for Styling Hair Cuts for men and women

(Barber Hair Cut Sharp Razor) The new glamorous design of roiling thumb handles Barber’s Scissors 6.5” inch with Very Unique Feature. Our Barber razor Scissors are very Sharp Edge which Makes Clean and Smooth Cuts Every Time.

Our Scissors Proud to Present a Quality Hair Cutting Shear Made for Professionals salons with Affordable Price. Stainless Steel Provides A Durable Hardness For Long Lasting Use.

Premium Material

Our scissors are made of 100% Japanese stainless steel material with a multicolor shine.

Which give extremely sharp blades for a clean smooth haircut.

These scissors are hand-made for perfect balance and the best performance for hair cutting. The high-quality scissors are hand-polished, they combine elite materials and processes to achieve the highest standards for lasting quality.


This Barber scissor size is 6.5” inch long blades very fine tip with hone line.


We give you a beautiful adjustable screw that gives the Luxurious Style to the scissor.

Ring grip/ inside grip

We provide you thumb Rotating Handle with screw and yellow rings grips which make smoothness at the time of cutting

The thumb handle and finger handle reduces overextension of thumb and wrist motion and relax your elbow and wrist. This type of handle has the best ergonomic and the most practical that Perfect for salon workers and barbers to used


These scissors have a very pacified hock which provides rest from work or engages in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious.

Handle of scissor

We provide you vastly rotating stylish handle which gives comfort to the fingers at the time of cutting.


We provide you steel gold and yellow stone fancy muffler to the scissor which give the exotic shape of scissor at the closing handle


The scissors are measured full length 6.5 inches” with cutting blades that measure 2.5 inches” and its weight is 62.50 grams that also in oz. scale is 2.20

The professional barber hair cutting scissor is safe and easy to use on men, women, the elderly, children, and babies.

Barber Hair Cut Sharp Razor Multi Color 6.5″ inch use for barber salon

Multi-Functional Hairdressing Scissor: The scissors measure 6.5″, the professional
barber hair cutting scissors is safe and easy to use on men, women, adults, and children.

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