Hair Cutting Scissor – Razor Edge Hair Cutting for Barber Salon

Hair Cutting Scissor – Razor Edge Hair Cutting for Barber Salon


Everyone agrees with the statement that for a beautifully stylish and gorgeous look, you need fine, trustworthy tools, which will give you approximately 100 percent result of your own wish. In this matter, when we talk about the appearance (look) of anybody, the topmost thing that comes to your mind is our hair that plays an important role in our personality. For cutting and trimming of our hairs, we need precise and superior quality pairs of professional scissors made up of the best quality material.

 Without spending money to buy reliable shears, a professional hair cutter let his customer’s hairs in danger, which will result in the loss of the barber’s reputation. If one is looking for a professional, reliable, smooth, and efficient cutting instrument, then JIMY hairdressing scissors-Razor edge hair cutting will be one’s best choice, which meets up the above-mentioned criteria successfully.

Hair Cutting Scissor Made from a premium quality 440C Germany stainless steel and powder coating, which will soon become your favorite tool due to its distinguished features. Its staff makes it reliable and durable due to its comfortable and soft grip over a stylish handle resulting in precise and efficient cutting.


Hair Cutting Scissor JIMY USA is offering the following different types of barber scissors. Their name along with size and colors are given below:

  • 6 Inch Hairdressing scissors-Razor Edge Hair Cutting for Barber Salon SILVER
  • Barber Hair Cut Sharp Razor MULTICOLOR 6.5 Inch Use for Barber Salon
  • Barber  6.5 Inch Hair Cutting Scissors/Shears-High End Japanese 440C Steel SILVER
  • BLACK Hair Cutting Scissors 6.5Inch for Men & Women
  • BLACK Professional 6.5 Inch JIMY Barber Hairdressing Scissors
  • Hair Cutting Scissors Barber BLACK Hairdressing Scissors 6.5 Inch for Salon
  • Hair Cutting Shears for Salon 5.5 Inch Barber for Men & Women SILVER
  • Men Grooming Hair Cutting Barber Hairdressing Scissor 6.5 Inch SILVER
  • MULTICOLOR Hairdressing Scissors 6.5 Inch Hair Cutting Salon Shears



 Anybody can handle this equipment with ease and can use it with perfection. User can easily tune this scissor up to its desired tension or tightness. Stylish handle design and finger rest give maximum comfort to your hand, elbow, arm & shoulder during usage.


 Manu facture with the facility of the adjustable screw with a modern design. Users can fine-tune it with the help of this knob to get its desired looseness or tightness with less effort. This feature enhances its efficiency.


JIMY Barber Scissors are made of superior quality 440C Germany stainless steel and powder coating that enhances its durability by giving resistance against rust and atmospheric moisture. Moreover, materials contain carbon that increases their strength.


Our professional shears are safe to use by Men or Women including adults and poor people. It is applicable to any hair structure, whether they are straight or curly. Moreover, this shear decreases hair cutter, as it prevents hairs from being caught between blades as compared to other scissors available in the market.


These shears have easily hand-sharpened razor blades to give fine trim without teasing customers by pricking hairs from the root and provides a precise and smooth cut.


Razor edge cutting scissors have a non-slippery handle and additional finger rest made up of rubber material to protect from any pain in the user’s thumb by eliminating stress on it.


These Barber Scissors have the best ergonomics to use in professional salons or in homes effectively and efficiently.


  Our shear contains razor blades, easily sharpened by hands, that measure up to 2.5 inches for perfect and fine cutting.


JIMY hairdressing scissors razor edge hair cutting comes in leather packing with a knife shape. Its boundaries are sealed by wide black thread. A logo of JIMY is engraved on its middle. In addition to this, a button is also provided on its top to prevent this instrument from falling down.


JIMY USA is providing you a reliable, trustworthy product that stands with you for a long time. We have launched this product to keep in mind our customer’s necessary needs and personalities. Our main goal is to provide our customers 100 percent satisfaction to enhance our customer’s trust. We are determined to provide customers 24 hours service for their facilitation.

JIMY USA will provide you 100 percent full replacement and a money-back refund if the customer finds any fault in our product. This refund policy is only applicable within 14 days from the purchase of the product. We will facilitate our customers only if the purchased good is not resealed.  


We will accept payment only through PAYPAL or DEBIT CARD.If due to any reason, the customer is not satisfied with our product or service, please contact us on our number given in our website. THANK YOU

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