Here’s How You Can Choose Perfect Stainless Steel Barber Scissors & Thinning Scissors

If you’re new to barbering and hairstyle and have no idea how to get your first ever scissors here is your guide. We would give you tips on how you can get the best barber scissors & thinning scissors.

Note that, your scissors should always be appropriately designed, to feel comfortable in your hand that way you will minimize the risk of hand fatigue, and other injuries to the hand. A hairstylist needs several pairs of scissors and different types of scissors for different kinds of hairstyles.

You need to find out the best barber Scissors in affordable price since you’ll want to upgrade them quickly with your developing skills and customer demands. So, do not spend too much money on scissors initially.

Here are some tips on how you can choose professional barber scissors and thinning scissors.

What size to choose?

The size of scissors depends on the stylist’s preference, some prefer long and some short scissors. To some extent, it depends on the type of cutting that you’re doing. The measurement of the scissor is taken from the tip to the end which means from the blade to the longest finger hole. Finger rest is not included.

To get the ideal scissor size, take the scissors and place them on the palm of your hand. Note that, the finger hole should touch the base of the thumb while holding the scissors, and the last section of your middle finger should touch the tip of the blade. 

What things to consider?

First, understand your need, if you are intended to use the scissor at your home you don’t need to buy the most expensive or top-of-the-line scissors. Go for the barber scissors in affordable price available near you. This is the main thing you need to consider while buying the scissor.

The other important things are;


The material of scissors impacts both, stability and sharpness. Thus, this is another important factor to notice while looking for the best barber scissors. The durability solely depends on the material of the product, the harder the scissors is, the more perfectly it works. Also, holding scissors is easier and more convenient when the material is harder since it makes the scissors hold their edge perfectly. The preferred material for scissors is stainless steel, this is why you should always go for the Stainless steel barber scissors & thinning scissors.


The sharpness of the scissor should be selected based on the requirement, if you want it for home use then it shouldn’t be the sharpest one. Not every pair of scissors needs to be the sharpest pair on the market. The sharpness should be enough to allow an easy cut to the hair since no one wants their scissors to pull or get an uneven cut. So, scissors with decent sharpness should be selected.


Those who plan to use the scissors a lot should choose scissors with a good design that is comfortable to use. This is the vital factor that should be considered the most. Since only a comfortable scissor can give your hair a fantastic finishing look. If you find the scissors hard to hold you won’t be able to use them perfectly. Also, it can cause pain in your hands. The overall design contributes to providing comfort, tension, finger holes, and finger rest. All of these things can impact how easy they are to use for long periods of time.

Types of scissors

Know different types of scissors to find out which one fits well according to your demands and requirement.

Barber scissors

Barber scissors are the most important tool in barbering they are traditionally 15cm or longer in size. So, to choose the best barber scissor keep in mind that the scissor should be selected according to the size of your hand. The bigger the hand the bigger the scissor size. The barbering scissors are usually longer in size having long blades to make the barbering techniques better and easier. They are faster and best in functioning.

Thinning hair Scissors

Thinning scissors have denser teeth which differentiate in from all the other hair-cutting tools in the market. They are also called softening scissors since they can remove the bulk of hair and gives a soft finish with amazing hair blending to any haircut on literally any hair type if used correctly. You just have to be extra careful while using on the thinner hair. They play a vital role in haircutting since the greatest cutting hair techniques are created using these hair thinning scissors.

Moreover, the scissors have a maximum of 25 on one of their blades. The thinning shears cut only half of the hairs grabbed in hand, which is an easier and faster method. They are the most convenient scissors to use as the thumb area is detached so they are easy to hold. This feature minimizes the risk of strain. Not only this, the scissors have the feature to adjust the tension according to your preference and convenience with a screw that is attached to the holding area.

Although, you won’t be needing the thinning scissors for every type of haircut. But they are actually a must-have tool in barbering and hairstyling.

So now you know everything that you need to know about thinning scissors. It will be easier for you to opt for the Best Thinning Scissors for hair. Concluding my words into the fact that these scissors are not chosen to last forever. They are designed to be used professionally with high quality and are mainly barber scissors but can be used at home too. The longevity of the scissors depends on the quality of the product so choose wisely and get the best stainless steel barber scissors and thinning scissors.

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