How to do a great manicure & pedicure with Manicure & Pedicure Tools

Manicure refers to hand curation and pedicure is the curation of feet. They plays the part in beauty enhancement and also provide relaxation to the hands and feet. A good service required proper manicure and pedicure tools. The whole process consists of several steps i.e. nail shaping, cleaning, trimming, painting, and nail art. 

Furthermore, it makes your hands beautiful, by hand massage in the manicure the blood circulation is increased. The same goes with pedicure it gives so soothing effect and helps the body to relax mentally. It is essential for nail health because hands and feet suffer a lot on the daily basis. 

Why manicures and pedicures are important?

Here are the top main reasons why manicures and pedicures are important.

  • Provide deep cleaning to your nails, and helps to avoid fungal infections.
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Makes your skin soft, and smooth and your hands and feet look younger.
  • Grooming your nails helps to avoid broken nails etc
  • Goodbye to dry and harsh skin
  • Wash away your stress
  • Removes the tan
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation

Not only those, but the manicure pedicure services are also beneficial in so many ways it relaxes your hands and feet after a long hectic day. 

Also, prevent the formation of corns and calluses. Which can be hurtful and can cause discomfort in your hands and feet.

Aren’t these reasons enough? But you can surely save some money rather than spending on expensive spas you can do manicures and pedicures easily at your home.

For proper and comfy mani-pedi service there are manicure and pedicure tools that are specially used for it.

Types of Manicure

  1. Basic manicure
  2. Gel manicure
  3. Acrylic 
  4. French
  5. Dip powder 

There are different manicure and pedicure tools for each manicure type that are used according to the type you choose.

What tools are required for manicure pedicure?

There are some tools that are a must-have in your hygiene kits. The way you take care of your fingernails and toenails shows your personal hygiene. Having proper tools can be beneficial for you as you can do manicures and pedicures whenever you want and have a perfect look.

Here is the list of tools you surely need, and how to use them;

  • Nail clippers
  • Foot file
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail pusher
  • Cuticle trimmer
  • Nail brush
  • Pumice stone/ toe file
  • Toe separator
  • Cuticle oil
  • Mild scrub
  • Orangewood stick
  • Tweezers
  • Small paintbrush

Nail clippers

A nail clipper is a basic tool as it can maintain the overall health by cutting them from time to time it can change the length quickly and efficiently.  

Make sure the tool is clear place it on your nail and trim it. Make sure to not overcut, as you can hurt yourself by doing it and can cause infection. Jimy USA sells the best nail clippers grab one from them.

Nail file

After the nails are trim, a nail file is used to give the shape to the nails. The shapes can be oval, almond, round, square, stiletto, and ballerina based on the person’s preference and choice. Foot file for a pedicure is an essential tool and a must-step in the whole process.

Nail buffer

It is the tool that gives instant shine to the nails, as the tool is rubbed against the nail it is also called polishing. This step adds a different look to the nails.

Cuticle pusher

Proper maintenance involves pushing it back towards the skin of your finger. Cuticles are very sensitive they required special care so that they don’t get hard or flaky. It gives the nail a longer appearance and gives the nail a healthy appearance. It’s better to use wooden or plastic ones rather than steel. Buy the stainless steel cuticle pusher tool now on Jimy USA

Nail brush

A nail brush is a brush that is used to clean your nails, it helps to remove stains from the skin. If you want clean nails use them on the daily basis to achieve the desired results.

Pumice stone/ Foot file

Pumice stone helps to remove the debris and remove the dead cells from the skin, especially from the heels, and gives smooth skin results it is rubbed on the feet in order to get the results.

Toe separator

It helps to stretch your feet and avoid overlapping the toes it promotes circulation which relieves foot pain they are made up of silicon and gel material which are extremely comfortable.

Cuticle oil

After you have pushed your cuticles back apply the cuticle oil to moisturize and hydrate the nail bed and promote better health of the nails.

Mild scrub

It makes the rough and dry skin smooth by clearing the impurities. It removes the dirt from the surroundings and gives a soothing look.

Orangewood stick

It is a thin pencil the sharp and rounded edges which push back the cuticle and helps to clean the nails.


It is a multipurpose tool. They are used to grab small items such as hair on the finger. 

They can be used to push back the cuticles Sometimes it is also used in nail art for putting the small trendy things on nails.

Small paintbrush

It is used to create different nail arts.

Some other basic requirements are :

  • Handcream 
  • Foot cream
  • Nail paint (optional)
  • Warm soapy water

Post manicure and pedicure care is very important to keep your nails healthy and to get good results.

  • Leave your nails so they can dry properly
  • Aftercare of manicure and pedicure:
  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals/soap on your skin.
  • After getting the shower dry your feet properly.
  • Try to wear open-toe slippers
  • Use a good moisturizer so that your skin will be hydrated and soft.
  • Use cuticle cream/oil to keep them soft.
  • Use gloves while doing the dishes, gardening, etc
  • Keep your nail’s length short according to workable length.
  • Trimming is equally important.

Manicure and pedicure tools are essential hygiene tools that you must keep with you. So you can easily follow the above-mentioned steps at home and give your hands and feet a great treat. got some amazing collections of all the beauty tools.

Here you can find the best manicure and pedicure tools too at affordable prices. 

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